Project overview

OLGATOKEN is token which will be used on a decentralized social platform. An ERC20 token standard will allow direct micropayments. Smart contracts open up new opportunities for building motivation models for registered users of the social network.

Our smart contract is ready and functioning in the Ethereum system. At the moment, our team is developing a social platform, after development the smart contract will be integrated into a social platform, the dates are specified in the Road Map.


Problems that the project solves:


Anonymity of users


Anonymity of correspondence


Effective advertising on this site


The problem of the complexity of using cryptocurrency in everyday life

OLGA – social platform

Our team has developed a plan for creating a social platform in which the OLGA token will be integrated. Full vision of the platform dictates time so we constantly adjust to the wind of change.

We have developed a plan and terms of reference for this social network, which we adhere to. First of all, the site will be developed, then applications for Android and IOS will be developed, in the future for Windows.

Bitcointalk White paper

OLGA token for users, traders and investors

The token is implemented in the Ethereum network. Each currency must have a purpose and a foundation, goals and certain rules by which it is regulated. There is also a value that is formed based on the trust of the holders and the development of the platform. Token was called OLGA for a reason, everything is described at the very beginning of Whitepaper. After are steps for everyone who is associated with this platform and OLGA token:

White paper

For users of the social network - the token will serve as a means of mutual settlement.

Traders - can trade on the stock exchange making a profit on the price difference

Finally, it will be beneficial for investors to keep a token in their portfolio for as long as possible, since the platform will evolve and, consequently, the token will grow in value.

OLGA token

Detailed token and smart contract information:

  • Full name OLGA Token
  • Label OLGA
  • The total number of tokens 1 000 000 000
  • Division 18
  • Working network Ethereum
  • The address of the smart-contract 0x9921bb770f40032f5a0511a76ab16c73a2ec058e
  • Сontract online

Roadmap 2018


Roadmap 2018 (detail)


Roadmap 2019


Token distribution